Dance is a dynamic performance art form and a rewarding challenge, working with your stage lighting, to capture a perfect static in the moment shot. As a photographer, capturing "the" moments is supremely satisfying and producing “that” image of a performer to treasure. Whether participating in a dance show or getting the right look for a portfolio, I have 5 years of experience shooting dance performers of all styles and ages in both studio settings and during live performances. A genre of photography I enjoy immensely. 

My style is to capture on stage portrait shots of performers as well as all the performers who are part of the dance itself; providing both individual and group photographs of your choreography in your show. 

I also provide “Dance Portraiture”, working with individuals through their dance poses, moves or sequences using appropriate backdrops and studio lighting.

For a show, wherever possible to compliment the show, a full dress rehearsals is the most convenient time to photograph. This gives the freedom to be anywhere for that clear shot; even on the stage itself if appropriate. Rehearsals allow for dancers to repeat moves and sequences so more opportunity to capture a shot perfectly.

For surety and confidence concerning young performers, I hold an Enhanced DBS certificate and I am also a registered licenced Chaperone with my local authority; Bracknell Forest. In addition, my website allows for the secure purchase of show photographs and for shows and where young people are performing; the security and auditing of all access and purchases.

The gallery of images below are shots taken during live shows and studio Dance Portraiture.