I really enjoy the theatre setting and am well accustomed to the challenges of low light shooting, often from a distance, the etiquette of not distrurbing a paying watching audience and frequently containing fast movement; such dancing. I have years of experience in shooting performers and actors of all styles and ages in both studio settings and during live performances.

The theatre gives me scope to capture candid shots of performers, actors and actresses working creatively with the lighting design of the show. I immensely enjoy the challenge of capturing the exhibition of a live theatre performance and welcomed the opportunity to become the principle photographer for Wander Show Productions who are “passionate about producing quality shows which allow every child the chance to perform on a professional stage” through their Making Memories productions at theatres within the Home Counties.

Whether you are participating in a show or getting the right look for a portfolio, or a show producer, I am a photographer who gets the feel of a show and will capture the performance and performers for you as they are meant to be understood and how the show is meant to be appreciated.

In addition, my portable studio, can be used to capture the portraits of individual performers or their headshots so please do enquire as I would always be happy to work with you to ensure all elements of your show is fully captured.

My website allows for the secure purchase of show photographs and for shows, where young people are performing; the security and auditing of all access and purchases.

Please do contact me with regards to your theatre or show event as I am always very interested in any such assignments.